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At a young age, I developed severe back issues. I spent years searching for the appropriate doctors, therapies, medicines and anything that could help me find relief. Eventually, I found an incredible chiropractor who gave me temporary relief through my early twenties.

After high school, I followed my calling as a hairstylist. The salon industry is something about which I am incredibly passionate; knowing I am helping others feel good about themselves, building relationships and exploring my creative side. However, with this career comes intense stresses on my body and posture, leading to discomfort and pain through my back, neck and shoulder.

In my early twenties, I discovered another passion: traveling the world through cycling for charity organizations. Through these experiences I gained a love for community and helping others. My journeys further solidified my belief that we are all in this together and I became determined to spread this message.

Though my travels and being on the bike energized my soul, they also added stresses on my body and injuries happened, causing my extreme pain to reignite. I once again found myself struggling to find relief. For years I was in immense pain, challenged to find a solution, and fearful that my reality would be me learning to live with chronic back pain. It’s a terrifying thing. Fear crushes your spirit. I was determined to find a solution. The option given to me by my doctor was prescription medication, which I knew were neither natural nor without potential dangerous side-effects. Looking down at the pills, I knew they were a band-aid and the health promises they offered were empty. I’ve lost people — good, well-intentioned people I cared about — to opioid abuse. Not acceptable. Settling was something I refused to do. So my journey began.

Among all the types of alternative medicines and practices I encountered, I was introduced to cannabidiol (CBD). That was the day my life changed. My injuries and pain changed. My hope grew and I began to see relief. I began to relax and experience more movement within my body.

This motivated me to inspire healing in others. As a result of these aspirations, in 2016, I established Kepri Renewal. My goal was to create a natural alternative to health and wellness, working directly with farmers to produce pure botanical solutions. I became a cannabidiol (CBD) expert, studying botany, farming, anatomy, and the intricacies of the endocannabinoid system. I am proud to say I have built a strong network of relationships and am working closely with Chicago-area physician groups to bring restorative care to patients.
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