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The Importance of Hemp and Understanding the Different CBD Spectrums

CBD Oil begins with the hemp plant.  Unfortunately, hemp has a long, misunderstood past.  Society has placed it in the same category as marijuana, but in reality, that is not even close. 


On a side note, there are amazing benefits from using products made with hemp. It is actually a very strong and durable material with many applications.  Everything – from clothes to shoes, food, body care and, of course, my favorite, oil and cream – can all be made with hemp.

The Spectrums of CBD: Why is it so important?
Hemp is naturally abundant with cannibinoids, CBD being one of the most dominate. You can find three types of hemp extract on the market.   

  • Full-spectrum contains at least 480 natural plant components found in hemp oil offering you all of the healing properties with many vitamins and minerals, but it does contain measurable amounts of THC. 
  • Broad-spectrum offers similar healing properties as full-spectrum. When using full or broad-spectrum hemp, the CBD is being supported by other cannabinoids, providing additional benefits, which actually get multiplied by what is called the “entourage effect.”

And, even though there are minimal trace amounts of THC in CBD oil – no more than 0.3% –  it is well below the psychoactive threshold.  It can and will most likely provide a better-quality experience and more healing potential compared to CBD isolate.

  • CBD isolate is almost 100 percent pure cannabidiol with no plant compounds left in the product, which also means it is free of THC.  This is a popular choice for making edibles, because the result during processing leaves a tasteless and odorless oil. It is also preferred for those who do not like the earthy taste of hemp.  However, there are no benefits of the “entourage effect” with this form.  

So, what is the entourage effect? Basically, it means as a whole, all the elements combined produce a much better impact than just the elements by themselves.  Whole-plant medicine (instead of isolating the active ingredient in a laboratory) has been practiced for thousands of years and still exists in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Khepri Renewal produces a broad-spectrum CBD oil that includes other cannabis compounds, like CBN, and CBG.  All of these compounds are beneficial encouraging the maximum benefits of CBD oil that can impact many of our functions like pain, mood, sleep, and digestion.

Don’t be left wondering what is in your CBD oil.  Khepri Renewal proudly publishes each batch testing on all of our products.  On our website, customers can view batch testing information and our production process to gain insight on purity, potency, and flavor profiles while they are placing their online order.  Full harvest to bottle process.

It’s important to understand just what you are ingesting. Not all producers operate that way so please be careful when ordering from an unknown source.

Khepri Renewal team is always available for questions on what products and dosages could be right for you. Please reach out to schedule a consultation.

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