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CBD Oil – The Fastest-growing Natural Pain Relief

For decades, busy Americans have prided themselves on finding quick fixes in many areas of life. Especially when it comes to faster ways of feeding your family.

This trend started affecting Americans after World War II when the food industry began producing highly processed foods loaded with calories, but limited in nutrition. You might be able to get dinner on the table quick, but there is a huge downside to ingesting processed (synthetic) foods – or anything else synthetic for that matter.

Do you think your body can process man-made, or chemically-produced, foods in the same manner as it does natural foods?

If you answered no, you are correct!

Natural vs. man-made

 Not only does the human body process natural ingredients more effectively, but there are also no chemical by-products being created leaving harmful toxins behind in your body causing hypertension, or strain on vital organs.

The same holds true for medication that millions of Americans ingest. The body is able to metabolize natural chemicals – like hemp, full of many cannabis compounds – much better than synthetic ones. Cannabis compounds can consist of THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN, all of which provide different benefits, and this is where it gets tricky.

There has been an explosion of CBD oil products, producers and distributors, prompting many questions from buyers and would-be consumers, which I am here to answer. If your introduction to CBD oil isn’t approached appropriately, you will not see maximum results. Khepri Renewal host CBD classes in-house or on-site, along with phone consultations; to educate users on what product best fits their needs and the appropriate dosage.


Production and the benefits

 CBD oil is produced by extracting the cannabis compound, Cannabidiol (CBD) from either the flowers, the buds or hemp stalks and seeds from the plant. There are many solutions being produced, with different ratios of the cannabis compounds.

Something most people don’t know… hemp plants can be harvested to be dominant in CBD, with minimal traces of THC (the chemical responsible for intoxication.)

This natural CBD compound has anti-inflammatory properties providing pain relief and muscle recovery, plus many other benefits from reducing anxiety – to a whole host of medical issues. For the best results, always discuss pain management with a medical professional, whether it entails natural or man-made medications.

If you do choose to use CBD oil to assist with pain, start with a small dose. Many think more is better, this is not the case when using CBD oil. The average dose for approaching pain and general inflammation is 15-25mg, once or twice daily. Once you find the right dosage for you, the relief will quickly become apparent.

Do your homework:

There are actually over 120 active components to the hemp plant explaining why people utilize it for treating many ailments. If you are looking to reap the most benefits from CBD oil, I suggest a broad-spectrum solution containing all of the helpful elements found in the hemp plant.

Yes, there is a chance that it may contain minimal traces of THC, just from harvesting, which is why it is important that the producer performs batch testing. Know where your product is coming from!

  • All batch testing for broad spectrum hemp will confirm that there .3THC or less in the CBD oil when it is extracted correctly. In addition to learning the other cannabis compound ratios and purities.
  • CBD Oil containing .3THC or less ensures that anyone can pass a drug test. Yes, anyone!

Please do your homework and be aware that hemp harvesting varies by states. In some areas CBD oil production has little to no regulations, which means that products can vary greatly in quality.

At Khepri Renewal, we produce a broad spectrum hemp extract, CBD rich oil, with other cannabis compounds present, such as CBN, CBG, etc. The reason for this is because all of those compounds are beneficial and keeping them in our formula encourages the maximum benefits of our CBD oil. If you are curious about our batch testing, purity, or potency, please visit our site.


As a society, we are just beginning to understand the pain relief benefits realized when CBD oil is used as treatment – instead of addicting opioids that have taken countless lives. In 2017 alone, the CDC estimated that 72,287 people died from overdoses, and 49,000 of them were caused by opioids.

It’s time we find a better, more natural ways to manage pain, which is exactly why Khepri Renewal was born. Contact me, if you would like to schedule a consultation.


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